Florida Sailing and Cruising School

Facts At A Glance

3444 Marinatown Lane, N.W., N. Fort Myers, FL 33903
(941) 656-1339, 1-800-262-7939 (reservations) (941) 656-2628 (fax)
Email: SWFYACHTS@aol.com [www.swfyachts.com] and [www.flsailandcruiseschool.com]

8 a.m. to 5 p.m., ET, 7 days a week.

Founded in 1984 by Barbara Hansen and Vic Hansen Licensed captains. Certified scuba. Sportfishing enthusiasts.
Conducts on-board and classroom courses for handling and navigating powerboats and sailboats. For most courses, students may also live aboard the vessels.
Successful completion of the appropriate courses enables students to charter "bareboat" rather than a captained vessel.
Powerboats from 32 to 42 feet long are docked at Marinatown Marina, North Fort Myers, Florida.
Sailing vessels from 24 to 42 feet are in slips at Marinatown Marina and at Burnt Store Marina, Punta Gorda, Florida.
For sailing courses, American Sailing Association (ASA) certification is available at $50 per level of instruction plus $150 to the instructor for day of assessment.

Sailing fleet
Cal 24, Island Packet 31, Island Packet 32, Nightwind 35, Hunter Vision 36, Island Packet 38, Catalina 42. Vessels subject to change.

Power fleet
Grand Banks 32 Single, Grand Banks 36 Single, Grand Banks 36 Twin, Southern Star 40 Twin, Grand Banks 42 Twin (4), Krogen 42 (single)

Sailing courses

Basic sailing/S-101, 2 Days, $395/person
Basic Coastal cruising/S-103, 2 Days, $495/person
Bareboat charter/S-104, 3 Days, $795/person
Coastal Navigation/S-105, 2 Days $395/person
Advanced Coastal Cruising/S-106, 3 Days, $895/person
Combination courses-
Weekender/S-101 & S-103, 3 Days, $795/person
Islander/S-103 & S-194, 4 Days, $895/person
Cruiser/S-104 & S-105, 5 Days, $1,295/person
Sailaway/S-101 & S-104, 5 Days, $1,195/person
Great Getaway/S-101 & S-104, 7 Days, $1,595/person
The Explorer/S-104 & S-106, 8 Days, $1,795/person
The Passagemaker/S-105 & S-106, 6 Days, $1,395/person
The Offshore Adventure S-101 & S-106, 12 Days $2,795/person

Powerboat courses
-Basic powerboating/P-101
Single engine 32-ft, 3 Days, $795/person
Single engine 36-ft w/ bow thruster, 3 Days, $895/person
Twin engine 36-46 ft, 3 Days, $995/person
-Powerboat cruising/P-102
Single engine 32-ft, 6 Days, $1,095/person
Single engine 36-ft w/ bow thruster, 6 Days, $1,295/person
Twin engine 36-46 ft., 6 Days, $1,395/person
- Combination courses
---P-101 & P-102 Basic Handling/Inland Cruising

Single engine 32-ft., 6 Days, $1,395/person
Single Engine 36-ft., 6 Days, $1,595/person
Twin Engine 36-46 ft., 6 Days, $1,695/person
---P-103 Offshore Powerboat Cruising
Twin Engine 36-46 ft., 8 Days, $2,395/person
--- Non-liveaboard courses
First mate, 2 Days, $195/person
Safe Boating 101, 1 Day, $40/person



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Florida Sailing & Cruising School
3444 Marinatown Lane N.W. • North Fort Myers • Florida 33903
(239) 656-1339 (800) 262-7939 Fax (239) 656-2628

Marinatown Marina 26° 38.5'N 81° 53.0'W
Burnt Store Marina 26° 45.71' N 82° 04.20'W

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