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The following article is taken from the Fort Myers News-Press and reprinted with the permission of the Fort Myers News-Press,
Saturday, December 23, 2000.

Novice boaters eager to learn water ways. Several sources offer help or answers.
By BETSY CLAYTON, The News-Press

Boaters are making more than SOS calls these days.

From Charlotte harbor to the Ten Thousand Islands, boaters are calling manufacturers, two companies and government agencies asking about everything from shallow water and getting lost to where to find bait.

They're asking dispatchers at the U.S. Coast Guard, state marine patrol and town companies a huge array of questions.

"I'd like to make dinner reservation to the nearest marina."
"I've got a snook on and need to know the legal size limit."
"I'm right here by this mangrove island next to this piling and I need a tow."

The increasing number of inquiries even has fueled a course designed for the first mates - the ones often charged with finding the answers - and a members- only FirstMate Hotline that bills itself as the sea-goers' concierge.

"Boaters need to have more information than they used to because they don't have the room to get out of the way," said Capt. Joe Cote, who teaches the new First Mates Course at Florida Sailing and Cruising School in North Fort Myers.

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First Mate Course Schedule

October 15-16, 2001
October 27-28, 2001

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BOAT/U.S. Course Line: To find the next boating safety course from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary or U.S. Power Squadron near you, call (800) 336-2528.

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The News-Press water sports calendar, Friday in Sports.

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